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Voice Lessons

Voice lessons are essential for someone who is looking to get the most out of their singing voice. Whether they are looking to sing karaoke, perform with a band, compete in music festivals, or just sing better in the shower, having the correct understanding of your technique and theory will not only improve sound, but can protect you from damaging your voice as well.

Some of the benefits of voice lessons include:

- Developing a stronger voice with better projection, tone, and breath support for longer notes.
- Better pitch control, and understand of how to find your note whether singing the melody or harmony.
- Understanding how to phrase and voice notes better so that you can be heard more clearly, and be able to time your syllables to maximize your rhythmic effects.
- Timing your breathing patterns and controlling your inhale and exhale for sustained notes and a more relaxed performance.
- Learning to understand your role in the music, whether you are front and center, a back-up singer, or performing in a duet or ensemble.
- Developing techniques to help play an instrument and sing at the same time.
- Opportunities to perform at various local events, recitals, or compete in the Leduc Rotary Music Festival.

All three of our voice instructors will be able to help anyone get started on their vocal development journey. However, with each instructor having their own teaching style, training, performance experience, and musical interests, it can be helpful to choose one that suits your long term goals. To find out who may be the best fit for you, contact James at

Voice Instructors

Diana Turner

 Arlyn Manzo

Nick Lai

Jennifer Youssef

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