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Violin & Fiddle Lessons

   Though the violin and the fiddle use the exact same instrument, they are played very differently.
   Violin generally refers to a classical style of playing the instrument, as opposed to fiddle which is more of a country, bluegrass, Irish or celtic style of playing. 
   For both styles of playing, it's very important that you have an instructor that can help you develop proper techniques for holding and using the bow, holding the violin/fiddle and finding your correct finger positions. Without the aid of frets to lock you into a note, you must develop a strong ear to be able to recognize when you are sharp or flat. This can be one of the most challenging things to learn on your own as it can be hard to recognize your mistakes, which means you will continue to make them. With an instructor to show you your mistakes and give you useful advice on how to correct them and develop better habits, you will learn much quicker so that you and everyone around you can enjoy your playing.
   In violin lessons, you can expect to learn a (generally) softer, more melodic approach to playing the instrument. This would be what you would hear in most orchestral settings, most classical music and much more, especially pop, rock, R&B, etc. These lessons will tend to focus more on developing an expressive feel, quality tone, accurate pitch, clear and rich sounds
   In fiddle lessons, you would be learning styles of playing that would apply moreso to country, bluegrass, Irish or celtic genres, as well as a variety of others. The focus when playing fiddle would be on speed and accuracy, with most jigs and reels requiring very fast patterns of notes being played. 

String Instrument Instructors

Eugene Poholka

Jordyn Whitehouse