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Thalia Capo Partial Tuning Kit

These rubber fretpads convert any 200 series Thalia Capo into a Partial Capo.  When applied from the treble side of the neck, these fretpads will cover strings 2-3-4 and when applied from the bass side of the neck these fretpads will cover strings 3-4-5; you can also position to cover 1-2-3 or 4-5-6. This set includes 6 different partials with the following radii: 7.25", 9.5", 10", 12", 15" & 16".

These fretpads only fit our 200 series capos. Comes in a magnetic closure box with an instructional booklet. (FYI -- 14" & 20" partials are available separately as part of the 14" and 20" specialty kits)