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NUX Verdugo Series NDD-7 Tape Echo & Delay

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NUX Verdugo Series NDD-7 Tape Echo & Delay
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NUX Tape Echo is a tribute to the Japanese-made Space Echo from 1974.

Analogue tape echo devices record incoming audio to a loop of magnetic tape, then replays the continuous loop over the playback head before it is erased again by new incoming audio.

The Space Echo units used the standard 1/4" tape designed to spool onto tape-reels, however, this device used no reels of any kind; the tape is transported via a capstan drive.

The tape loop is contained in a loose, constantly moving jumble in the tape chamber (also known as the tape tank) under a plastic panel which protects the tape and keeps it from getting tangled.

The design resulted in lower levels of noise, wow, and flutter, and cut down on tape wear.

NUX Tape Echo uses Core-Image technology to capture these characteristics including Bass, Treble, Repeat Rate (Time), Intensity (Repeat), Echo Volume (Level), Reverb Volume (Reverb), and physical features like Wow, Flutter, Saturation.

Even self-regenerate, self-oscillation using a dual foot switch stomp-box enclosure !

NUX Tape Echo offers all the essential knobs like Bass, Treble, Time, Repeat, Level, Reverb and Select (repeat pattern) for quick tweaking.

Short Press and hold the Select knob to enter Alt Tweaking for Saturation, Wow, Flut, Kill Dry, EXP. (Use Foot Switch for self-FEEDBACK. )

NUX Tape Echo keeps the controls of the original hardware, and adds some for modern workflows.

Use the Select knob for various head combinations, Time for timing control, and Repeat for repeats and self-oscillation. New features include BPM(Sub-division)/MS switching, and Tap Tempo.

*Using Tap Tempo, the longest delay time can reach 1600ms.

Repro-Tape Heads Combination

Spring Reverb brings psychedelic Slapback & Ambience

The important characteristic of Space Echo is the spring reverb.

Core-Image technology captured the natural spring reverb sound, combined the warm and organic delay, TAPE ECHO gives you lush echoes.

Hold the ON foot switch, you can engage self-oscillation to get the infinite feedback.

Press ON and TAP footswitches simultaneously to enter SOS mode(looper).

In the meantime, ON footswitch can do REC/PLAY/DUB as phrase looper function.

The display will show you current status.

During loop playing, you can press On and Tap footswitch to quit SOS mode, the loop will keep playing. You can change the parameters and reenter to SOS mode.

SOS Mode

*TAPE ECHO offers 40 seconds real stereo phrase loop.

You can assign the MIDI settings through editor. TAPE ECHO includes 3.5mm TRS/MIDI adaptors for MIDI IN / OUT functionality.

It’s a versatile and compact tool for modern guitarists looking for retro echo sound.


- Up to 1600ms stereo delay time by Tap Tempo

- 7 Repro-Tape Heads combinations and Reverb only

- Core-Image technology brings natural Tape Echo with parallel spring reverb sound back

- Holding ON footswitch for self-feedback

- Sub-division time signature with Tap Tempo foot switch

- 40 seconds stereo phrase loop with OLED status display

- Optional delay time display (MS / BPM)

- MIDI In/Out

- Holding ON footswitch for self-feedback


Sampling rate: 48kHz

A/D Converter: 32Bit

Signal Processing: 32Bit

Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz - ±1dB

Input Impedance: 5MΩ

Maximum input level: 1.5Vrms

Output Impedance: 100Ω

Maximum output level: 1.5Vrms

System Latency: 1ms

Dynamic Range: 103dBu/105dBu(A-Weighting)

THD+N Ratio: 0.0038% @ input 1Vrms_1kHz ?0.01% @ input 1.5Vrms_1kHz

Power: 9V DC(Negative tip, Optional ACD-006A adapter)

Current Draw: approximately 100mA?<150mA

Dimensions: 105mm(L)x115mm(W)x58(H)mm

Weight: 440g