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HyVibe Smart Acoustic Guitar System - Installation Kit - Professional Installation Required

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HyVibe Smart Acoustic Guitar System - Installation Kit - Professional Installation Required
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We are Canada's first authorized HyVibe smart acoustic guitar system installers!

The HyVibe system that was first introduced in the Lag HyVibe THV10DCE, THV20DCE and THV30DCE is now available as an aftermarket install that can be put into almost any acoustic guitar. This gives you access to the wide range of incredible features that only the HyVibe system can offer.

The features include:

- A wide variety of digital effects
- A looper that can record up to 100 bars of a song and loop it indefinitely
- Bluetooth audio streaming utilizing the guitar's own soundboard as the speaker
- A metronome
- Bluetooth footswitch compatibility (changing effects, starting/stopping loops etc)
- More updates are coming out all the time adding more functionality!

All of these incredible features can be done with no cables, no external devices (unless you want to use the app or footswitches), and no separate amplifier or speaker needed.

It has a 10 hour rechargeable battery and includes the charging cable.

Find out more about this amazing technology and see a demo of our first installed system here:

Note that HyVibe only wants these systems to be installed by professional techs or luthiers. In order for us to ship you a unit we will have to confirm that you have someone capable of doing the installation for you. 

As HyVibe's first certified installers in Canada, we are able to install these systems into most guitars. Message us for a firm quote on the installation into your instrument. There are some guitars that will not be suitable due to space limitations, restrictive access, etc. There may also be some guitars that would not suit the system from a sound perspective as well, but we can advise on that prior to you making a purchase.

Note that the installation of this system is not reversible. There are 2 holes that need to be routed and the actuators once attached cannot be removed without damaging them. Using an experienced installer is very important to avoid disappointment.