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Hohner Marine Band 1896 Harmonicas - Key of Bb Major

Marine Band 1896

The Marineband 1896 is the archetypal blues harmonica. Since being patented in 1896 it has remained almost unchanged in its materials, design, and tone.

It’s the iconic tone that you would hear from the likes of John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Little Walker, Neil Young and countless other musicians.

It is the number one choice of harmonicas for professionals, and is likely the most recognizable model of harmonica in the world.


Reed plates (material, thickness): brass, 0.9 mm

Reed plates (surface): brass

Reeds (number, material): 20, brass

Comb (material, color): pearwood, brown

Comb (finish): double lacquered

Mouthpiece (surface): pearwood

Cover plates: stainless steel

Type: diatonic

Number of holes: 10

Tonal range: 3 octaves

Length: 10 cm / 3.9”

Box not included. Sold with case.