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Boblen Dreadnaught Acoustic Hardshell Case for 6 & 12 String Guitars

The Boblen HSJ is a simple, yet high quality hardshell case for 6 or 12 string Dreadnaught sized acoustic guitars.

This is by far the most common body size in the industry and almost all brands build a dreadnought sized acoustic.

There are some brands who make "Dreadnought" acoustics that are slightly larger than normal, and they may not fit in this case.

If you are unsure as to your guitars sizing, be sure to contact our sales team for confirmation.

The case has a plywood shell with a black tolex exterior that holds up to a fair bit of abuse compared to many other brands in a similar style.

Certainly our best seller for this body size.

Made in Canada with quality materials, a sturdy design, multiple closure points, and a simple aesthetic, the Boblen HSJ is a great hardshell case for any dreadnaught 6 or 12-string guitar.



Internal Dimensions:

  • Overall Length: 43.5”
  • Lower Bout Width: 16”
  • Waist Width: 12"
  • Upper Bout Width: 12.75”
  • Overall Depth: 4.5”




If you are unsure of which size of case will fit your particular instrument, call 780-986-2251 or message us and we can check specs to ensure a proper fit before purchasing.