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One More Light - Drawing by Dean Pickup of Chester Bennington - 13"x16" Print - Includes Frame

This is a print of a drawing by a Beaumont, Canada based artist Dean Pickup that he titled 'One More Light'. This incredible drawing of Chester Bennington captures so much emotion. As a Linkin park fan, even after seeing this drawing hundreds of times, can't help but feel a twinge of sadness in the passing of Chester in 2017. 
Dean Pickup has many incredible drawings and paintings of musicians from many eras. We are fortunate enough to have a handful of his pieces on display in our shop as consignment pieces that I would have purchased anyway.
With these pieces on consignment, we are not able to move on the pricing. That being said, I am happy to direct you to Dean Pickups website directly: You can order from his site and possible save some money as well. I am just happy to share his art with more people!

If you would like to order it through us, the drawing will include the frame you see in the image.