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The World Of Scales - A Compendium Of Scales For The Modern Guitar Player

What can this book do for your playing?

You will discover how easy it is to: 
1) Quickly learn scales. 
2) Take your playing to the next level. 
3) Gain an understanding of scales that will provide you with new sounds. 
4) Understand how chords are built—from simple triads to 13th chords. 
5) Increase your technical skills and mastery of the guitar.

Written for guitarists of all levels and musical styles, The World of Scales provides the theoretical concepts necessary for a thorough understanding of scales, modes and chords. Reading music is not required. This book shows you hundreds of scales with complete, easy-to-read fingerings. Included are over 500 scale forms each transposable---giving you well over 6000 scales.

Learn new and exciting ways to practice scales. A section on chord-scale relationships details how to use any scale.

Formulas are given for each scale to enable you to understand their construction and see their many uses.

The modes derived from the major, harmonic minor and melodic/jazz minor scales are covered in detail.

The concept of modalization for any scale is fully explained.

You will learn how to create your own scales.