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Profile Clip-on Ukulele Tuner - Discontinued Clearance Model

The PTU-3001 is a discontinued model from Profile, so we are clearing out our remaining stock at a great discounted price. Apologies that the photos are not higher quality, but it doesn't make sense to update them at this point with only a couple tuners left available. All units remaining are brand new in their original packaging. Also, despite being marketed as a ukulele tuner, the PTU-3001 has a chromatic mode that will work very well for nearly any other stringed instrument as well, especially guitar, mandolin, violin, dulcimer, banjo, etc.

The Profile PTU-3001 is a simple but effective clip-on ukulele tuner.

The rubber pads wont damage your finish while it holds you tuner tight on your headstock.

The LCD display is bright and easy to see.

It feels the vibrations in whatever it's clipped onto so it's easy to tune in noisy environments.

It has a Chromatic function for tuning other instruments or doing alternate tunings.