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Menzel Luthier Series 3/4 Size Solid Carved Spruce & Maple Violin Package - Old Model Clearance


The MV700 violins from Menzel are their professional level "Luthier Series" models and feature an all solid wood construction with a spruce top and highly flamed maple back and sides. From the hardware and fittings to the included case & bow, these violins have much to offer while remaining very affordable for intermediate players or even many serious beginners. 

Unfortunately these models were discontinued by Menzel several years ago and we have just 2 units remaining in stock, both in a 3/4 size. So we are clearing out our remaining units at nearly 30% off our regular pricing. This listing is for what I consider the nicer of the 2 remaining units which also includes nicer accessories than the other. Neither of them originally included any accessories, but we added them to create a package for each. 
While both are still brand new instruments, there may be some minor signs of use as they have been tested in the shop over the past few years though this would be very minimal as they are displayed up high and only tested by those specifically interested in them. This particular one has a couple of small marks that are visible when they catch the light the right way. These may just be inconsistencies in the hand applied finish, but at least 1 appears to be a scratch from use. None of the marks affected the wood itself and they will not affect its sound, durability or playability in any way. 

The 3/4 size of this instrument makes it ideal for most players aged 9-12 as well as some shorter adult players. The arm length for a 3/4 size player should be around 21-22" long (53-56cm), though to ensure a good fit, you can stop by the store to try it out if you are in our area.

This violin is hand varnished with an antique brown finish and it is strung with a Thomastik-Infeld Dominant No. 135 string set and was set up by a luthier prior to shipping. These strings are getting a little old and this point in their life so we will also offer 50% off any string set you would like to purchase with the violin if you so choose. We will also restring it free of charge if you would like us to do that. There is still much life in the strings on it, but the silver coated G has tarnished quite significantly so it looks nearly black and may leave some tarnish on your fingers when you play.

The case included with this one is a basic hard foam shell case with a blue exterior and a Blue Interior. The bow is a BVR600T from Menzel which is made from Brazilwood and has an ebony frog. 

*All images are of this exact violin taken Feb 20, 2022


  • Hand varnished with an antique brown finish
  • Solid spruce top
  • Solid flamed maple back & sides
  • Solid maple neck
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Ebony tuning pegs, chin rest and end pin
  • Light alloy tail piece with 4 integrated fine tuners
  • Excellent playability, light response
  • Strung with Thomastik-Infeld Dominant No. 135 (50% off any strings purchased along with it as well)
  • Hard-foam shell case
  • Brazilwood bow with ebony frog