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Special Offers and Clearance Items

   Here are a number of our products that are currently on sale or on clearance. We may be able to extend the special offers to special ordered models as well, but be sure to contact someone on our sales team to confirm on a case by case basis.

   Clearance items are marked as such when they are discontinued from the manufacturer, are no longer going to be carried in store, have minor shop wear, or were ordered with a B-stock Status. We will try to clearly identify the situation for each model, but don't hesitate to contact us for clarification of the condition of any items listed here.

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AKG High Performance Noise Cancelling Headphones

$199.00 $249.95

Applause Balladeer 12-String Acoustic/Electric Guitar - B-STOCK (minor finish damage)

$449.99 $729.95

Breedlove Premier Jumbo Mahogany, LR Baggs EAS-VTC pick-up, Deluxe hardshell case, solid hondurian mahogany B&S

$2,100.00 $3,499.95

Breedlove Sunburst Discovery Dreadnought, Spruce top, Mahogany B&S w/ gigbag

$399.95 $569.95

Cort Action Bass Plus BK 4-String Bass Guitar - Black Finish - Discontinued Clearance

$359.00 $449.95

D'Andrea Delrex Heart Shaped Guitar Picks - Multiple gauges

$0.45 $0.75

D'Andrea Delrex Shark Fin Guitar Picks - Multiple gauges

$0.45 $0.75

Fishman Fluence Modern Active Humbucker Set

$225.00 $299.95

Fishman Rare Earth Blend Acoustic Pick-up W/ Condenser Mic and Humbucker Magnetic PU

$344.95 $524.95

FZONE S-9 Compact & Portable Universal Instrument Stand

$14.00 $19.99

Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2016 Light Burst Finish

$2,699.95 $3,599.95

Gibson USA Deluxe Gig Bag for Explorer, Firebird, and Flying V Electrics

$79.00 $99.00

JBL Synchros E50BT Over Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

$139.00 $189.95

JBL Synchros E50BT Over Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Black (discontinued)

$139.00 $189.95

Korg Compact Drum Machine w/ Vintage Style Controls

$79.99 $129.95

Korg Havian 30 Digital Ensemble Piano - Discounted Floor Model

$1,849.99 $2,949.99

Korg Wave Drum Mini with Onboard Speaker and clip mic for multi-surface drums

$349.00 $469.95

LINE 6 AMPLIFI FX100 Bluetooth wirelessly controllable munti-effects pedal.

$339.00 $469.95


$109.99 $144.95

Onerr Tungsten Drivemaster TO-3 overdrive pedal

$115.00 $199.95

Profile GS500 Guitar Stand with Neck

$17.99 $24.95

Quik Lok Auto-Locking Wall Hanger

$14.95 $30.00

Radial Engineering Hot British 12AX7 Tube Distortion Pedal

$169.99 $200.00

Samson BT30 - 30-Pin Bluetooth Receiver - Clearance

$14.99 $41.95

Samson Velocity Ribbon Studio Microphone with Shock Mount and Case

$399.00 $579.95

Samson Wireless Handheld Dynamic Microphone system - VHF frequency band - Clearance

$79.00 $89.95

Santos Martinez Classical with Solid Cedar Top - Some Cosmetic Damage *Clearance

$150.00 $349.99

Schecter Avenger 807 40th Anniversary Snow Leopard Pearl Finish

$1,049.00 $1,350.95

Sigma DR12-28 Dreadnought 12-string Acoustic - Clearance (Discontinued)

$699.00 $779.95

Valeton Dapper Bass Guitar Multi Effects Pedal (VES-2)

$199.00 $285.95

Valeton Dapper Dark Guitar Multi Effect Pedal (VES-3)

$199.00 $285.95

Valeton Dapper Electric Guitar Multi-Effects Strip (VES-1)

$179.95 $265.95

Vox AC30 all Tube Head and 4X12 Cab - Good Condition Used

$1,199.95 $1,400.00

Vox Starstream Type 1 Modeling Guitar - Red Finish

$899.95 $1,349.95

Warkwick Alien Deluxe 5-string Acoustic Bass w/ pick up


Washburn 30 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

$199.00 $349.95

Washburn Parallaxe PXL10EC Single Cut - Carbon Black Finish (minor finish damage)

$779.00 $1,299.95

Washburn Tobacco Sunburst Gloss 5 String Banjo - Shop-worn


WC guitar/bass Tuner and digital metronome

$19.95 $29.99