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Turner Tots Preschool Group Classes - Ages 3-5yrs

The Turner Tots preschool music program is designed for students aged 3-5yrs with a focus on each child with the small (4 child max) groups.
It is designed around a fun group atmosphere as a way to develop musical skills for later in life.
The class doesn't focus on one specific instrument, so they will play with various percussion instruments, things like ukuleles, recorders, harmonicas, as well as some piano and more.
There are musical crafts that they will do, games they will play, all the while developing their sense of rhythm, learning basic notes, and developing their ears.

Younger kids may find it helpful to go through the course more than once, but most kids once through it will have a good foundation for starting into private lessons on whatever instrument they are interested in. 

We will post upcoming classes here as they are scheduled and made available.
However, if there are no classes taking registration at this time, you can always call and chat about your options for getting a new group started, or get added to our wait-list to start a class once we reach our minimum threshold of 3 participants.

Whenever there is a class open for registration, a form will be listed below that you can print and register. If you would prefer a PDF copy be e-mailed to you, contact us at 

You can also visit us in store to fill out a hard copy in person.

Since our Saturday 10:00am class did not fill, we are open to starting a group at that time once a sufficient number of students register. The form below will apply though the dates will need to be modified.