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Raimundo Spanish Built Classical Guitar - Some Cosmetic Damage

We have this Raimundo 125-S with some cosmetic blemishes on clearance. The guitar is in overall good condition, plays well, and have a bright, crisp, and vibrant tone. However, it has gotten a little dry at some point in its life and has a crack running along the bass side of the fingerboard from this. This type of crack is very common with classical guitars, and the guitar should be able to live for many decades more with no ill effects from this crack aside from the minor visible crack that is present. There is also a small hazy patch (about the size of a dime) on the bridge that you can see in the last image. I'm not sure what would cause this, but the gloss finish just gets whitish in that spot which is visible on the darker rosewood bridge. 

The guitar was sparingly used, so there are only very minor signs of use. These include a couple lines in the tap plate (as would be expected) and some very, very small dents in the finish (only noticeable if you are inspecting it very closely, and they are not through the finish.

There is a small chip in the finish where the fingerboard meets the nut, and some small finish cracks at the heel of the neck, but these too are very minor. 

Here's more about the guitar from Raimundo:

The Flamenco dancing style is synonymous with Spanish culture, and the Raimundo 125 is the guitar to match. Handmade in Spain, it has all the traditional heritage associated with the dancing along with a solid spruce top and sycamore back and sides. This gives a very bright and clear tone designed to cut through the noise of a dance hall.  


  • Size - 4 / 4

  • Top - Solid European Spruce

  • Back - Sycamore

  • Sides - Sycamore

  • Neck - Mahogany

  • Fingerboard - Rosewood

  • Machine Head - Lyre Design nickel

  • Finish Type - Gloss