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Len Letourneau Classical - Cedar & Rosewood - Very Good Condition Used - Crafted in Canada

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Len Letourneau Cedar & Rosewood Classical - Custom Made in Canada - Very Good Condition Used - Hiscox Case, Humidifier, Hygrometer and Tuner Included
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We have this 2017 Len Letourneau classical guitar in on consignment. It's in very good condition with no significant damage only minor cosmetic wear. 

For those who are not familiar with Len Letourneau, he is a custom classical guitar builder based in Morinville, Alberta, Canada. His designs are based on Daniel Frederich's guitars, while he utilizes a V-Neck Joint, a Spanish foot, individually crafted rosette inlays, and beautiful rosewood fingerboard, bridge & ebony binding with 7-ply wood purfling. The guitar is crafted using a solid cedar top, rosewood back & sides and a Hondurian Mahogany neck. It is equipped with a bone nut and saddle, Gotoh machine heads and has just been restrung with new Savarez strings.

The guitar also includes an Oasis Humidifier, a Planet Waves chromatic tuner, an Oasis digital hygrometer and a $ 300.00 value Hiscox hardshell case. 

The French Polish that Len uses to finish his guitars allows for the woods to resonate freely, giving the guitars a more dynamic and open voice than equivalent guitars using lacquer finish. The French polish has a classy look to it as well, with a partial gloss to it. However, it is not the most durable finish, so small nicks, scratches and scuffs will show up quite easily. Despite this, the finish is more easily repaired than other finish types, so any luthier experienced in French Polish should be able to help return it to its former glory without significant costs. Those in the Edmonton area could bring it to Len in Morinville directly for this. 


The guitar's tone is very articulate with a full bass response. It's midrange is also very full and has a rounded and warm tone. The treble response is crisp and bright with a smooth attack. The fundamentals are always clear, making it easy to hear each note clearly in any context, while it's still very well rounded and balanced.


As mentioned above, the guitar does have some cosmetic blemishes. Most are just small scratches or dents in the French polish on the top below the strings around the soundhole and below the bridge. None of them are very large, and can only be seen when they are catching the light the right way. There are a couple that look like there is a small dent in the wood itself, though these are small areas maybe 0.5mm by 2mm.

There are a couple of patches on the top where the stain isn't quite as dark, mostly around the fingerboard. There's also a thin light line around much of the bridge where the stain didn't get quite up to it. From a distance of more than a few feet its' pretty hard to notice but you can certainly see it when you look closely. 

Bottom line:

Overall the guitar is clearly hand crafted. While it not "perfect" in the same way that many production guitars are, the care, craftsmanship, and quality poured into the guitar is very evident when you hold it, play it, see it or hear it. There are many incredible classical guitarist's in our area who absolutely love Len Letourneau's guitars, and I can certainly understand why. It's the sort of guitar that wants to be played. From the feel of the neck to the character of it's voice, it's inspiring to play and try new things.