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Jackson CMG Concert 4-String Bass - Japan - Excellent Condition Used

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Jackson CMG Concert 4-String Bass - Gig Bag Included - Made in Japan - Excellent Condition Used

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We have this Jackson CMG Concert bass in on consignment in excellent condition. There are some very minor cosmetic signs of use that will be detailed below, but from a functional standpoint it's basically like new. The hardware, frets, strings, and electronics are all also in excellent shape and we have a fresh 9V battery installed and the pickups & controls work perfectly and sound great. We have just performed a full setup on the bass so it plays great and has no issues in that regard. 

Where it does show its use is mostly in some small lines in the finish on the back and a bit of the front that can be seen when they catch the light the right way. From many angles you would think it looks like new. 

There are only 2 small dents that I can see. One is about half an inch back from the neck binding on the bass side of the neck in the first fret space. It is pretty hard to notice visually, but you can feel it when you place your thumb in the area. Depending on how you hold the bass, this may or may not end up being something that would happen often. The other dent is on the bottom edge of the lower bout and is about 5mm across and does show a small crack in the finish, but it did not chip out any of the gloss finish so it's not overly noticeable from any distance. 

Overall the bass has a great feel and sound with its EMG-HZ humbuckers and active electronics, and it includes its original Jackson deluxe padded gig bag.

One thing I haven't been able to figure out is what this colour is called. There are 2 or 3 colour options they've listed for this model, but I have only seem images of the black one so I'm not sure the term they use for this flamed maple woodgrain behind a black sunburst finish. Either way, it looks amazing!

Model - CMG Concert Bass

Finish - Flamed Maple Veneer with Black Sunburst (Unsure of Jackson's title for it)

Guitar Type - Solid Body Electric - Active Bass

Body - Alder

Neck - Maple

Fingerboard Material - Rosewood

Pickups - EMG® HZ Bridge & Neck Pickup

Hardware - Black

Made in Japan

Serial Number - 9840003