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Fender Bassman 100 1x15 Bass Amplifier - Very Good Condition Used

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We got this Fender Bassman 100 in on a trade. It's in good condition with a variety of cosmetic issues (tears in the tolex, scuffs in the metal grill or control panel, corrosion on some metal surfaces, and some other cosmetic blemishes). That being said, there are no functional issues that we can find, the casters don't roll as smoothly as they could, but some WD40 may solve that. The amp has a 15" bass driver which gives it a very full bottom end and pushes a lot of air for a great feel. The amp has lots of great features like XLR line outputs with ground lift, an effects loop, a passive/active switch a compressor and more. These make it easy to dial in your tone whether you're in the studio or fitting into a mix with your band.

Here is some more general information about this amp.


Solid State Bass Amplifier
100 Watt Output

-1 15' Special Design Speaker
-1 Piezo Horn

-Active/Passive Input Switch
-Compressor Control
-Semi-Parametric Mid-Frequency EQ
-Balanced XLR Line Out Jack for Recording or PA Feed
-Ground Lift for Line Out
-Line Out Level
-Pre/Post EQ Switch on Line Out
-Switchable Limiter Circuit
-Mute Switch
-Tuner Output
-Effects Loop
-Enhance Switch for Mid-Frequency Contouring

Front Panel Controls:
-Active/Passive Switch
-Pre-Amp Clip LED
-Pre-Amp Signal LED
-Enhance Switch
-Bass Level
-Mid Level
-Med Frequency
-Treble Level
-Mute Switch with LED
-Master Volume
-Power-Amp Clip LED
-Limiter Switch

Rear Panel Controls:
-Ground Lift Switch
-Line Out Level
-Pre/Post EQ Switch
-Black Textured Vinyl Covering with Black Metal Grille

-24.25' x 23' x 12.5'
-Weighs 65 Pounds