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Coron SD-820 Stereo Delay Pedal - Made In Japan - Good Condition Used

We have this Coron SD-820 Stereo Delay Pedal in on consignment in good condition. Aside from the presence of some scratches and scuffs around the pedal's chassis, and the residue of a sticker that was on the side of the pedal at one point, the pedal is in great shape. 

There are no functional issues or damage to the pedal's components at all, and it works as it should. It does not include any of its original packaging, but does have a 9V power supply included with it.

The pedal was made in Japan, has a single 1/4" input and a pair of stereo 1/4" outputs.

The control's are: 

Repeat  -  Adjusts how many times it repeats before they fade out. 
Delay  -  Adjusts the amount of time between when you hit the original note and the delayed sound is heard
Mix  -  Adjusts your volume level between the dry guitar signal and the delays signal. 

With just these 3 controls you can really get a wide palette of delay sounds to suit most styles of music.