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Second Hand Items

   Here you will find all of our second hand inventory from all divisions of the store. We get these items in through consignments and trade ins, and in some cases are rental returns. 
   They offer a great value option with low risk on your investment. That makes these items a great way to get into a 'new' instrument, whether you are just starting out, or just wanted to add to your collection. 
   Our used inventory is constantly changing, so be sure to check back regularly so that you don't miss out on some great purchases.

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Aria AD-50N Dreadnaught Acoustic - Used

$699.95 $1,200.00

Aria Classical Concert Guitar AC50 - Used


Aria Concert Classical Guitar, AC35 - Excellent Condition Used


Aria MAC30 Super Strat + Accessory Package - Excellent Condition Used


Aria Pro II PE Inspire w/ Cutaway & Seymour Duncan Pickups


B.C. Rich Bich Acrylic Body Electric Guitar - Transparent Red - Excellent Condition Used


Baque 4/4 Size Violin Package - Excellent Condition Used


Beaver Creek 3/4 Size Classical - Pink Finish - Excellent Condition Used


Beaver Creek 3/4 Size Steel String Acoustic - Pink Finish - Excellent Condition Used


Beaver Creek Crossover Guitar Ukulele (Guitalele) - Used (Excellent Condition)


Blade DD-1 Durango Deluxe Electric Guitar - Excellent Condition Used


BOSS Chromatic Tuner TU-12H - Excellent Condition


Breedlove Oregon-OM/SMYe Folk Size Acoustic/Electric. USA Made - All Solid Wood


Cort Earth-Custom All Solid Dreadnought Acoustic - Mint Condition Used


DigiDesign MBox 2 Audio Interface- USED


Digitech RP255 Modeling Guitar Processor & Looper- USED


Digitech Trio Band Creator Pedal- USED


Epiphone Les Paul LP-100, Fair Condition - Used


Ernie Ball 6185 Wah Pedal - Good Condition Used

$79.00 $109.00

Fender Deluxe 90 Solid State Amplifier with 1x12 Speaker - Good Condition Used


Gibson 1967 B45-12 Dreadnought 12-string Acoustic - Fair Condition Used


Gibson Les Paul CM Faded 2016 - Satin Ebony Finish - Used, Excellent Condition

$750.00 $1,389.95

Guild S-100 Electric Guitar, HB-1 Humbuckers, w/ hardshell case - Mint Condition Used

$779.00 $860.00

Hagstrom "Hag Bag" E-20 Guitar Case - Used


Hagstrom Metropolis C LPJ-Style Electric - Used, Excellent Condition


Hagstrom Metropolis METRPC-CRD - Mint Condition (Except for Fingerboard Cracks)

$310.00 $349.99

Ibanez EDB-500 Erodyne 4-String Bass - Near Mint Condition Used


Jay Turser LT Custom DLX Telecaster


Kala Soprano Ukulele - Solid Spruce top - Good Condition Used


Korg Havian 30 Digital Ensemble Piano - Discounted Floor Model

$1,849.99 $2,949.99

M-Audio Fast Track USB 2 Computer Audio Interface - Excellent Condition


M-AUDIO Keystation 49E 49-Key Electronic Keyboard Controller


Marshall 15 watt Guitar Amplifier - Fair Condition


Menzel MDN400VH Half-Size Violin Package - Used, Good Condition


ONERR Boosted Line Selector Pedal with 15dB of boost - Good Condition Used

$65.00 $85.00

Oscar Schmidt OG1-TR 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar - Trans Red Finish - Good Condition Used


Peavey Transtube 15 Watt Practice Amp - Good Condition Used


Peavey Transtube modeling amplifier with 1x12 speaker - Excellent Condition Used


Raimundo 128 Classical Guitar, Spanish Built - Fair Condition Used


Ransom Custom Built Classical - USA Made W/ Electronics - Great Condition Used


Roland Cube 30 Guitar Modeling Amp - Used


Roland E-66 Intelligent Synthesizer-USED


Samson SRK16 16-space Rack with Casters & 2 Rack Shelves - Excellent Condition Used

$245.00 $275.00

Studio Projects C1 Condenser Microphone Pack - Excellent Condition Used


Suzuki No. 7 1/2 size violin from 1969 made in Japan copy of Stradivarius 1720 USED in good condition


TUNE Bass Maniac 4-String Electric Bass Guitar - Good Condition, Used

$615.00 $700.00

Used Fender Mexican made strat, with Roland COSM synth system built in, modeling pickups and pitch shifting

$1,500.00 $1,995.95

Used Hardshell Electric Guitar Case, Brown


Vox AC30 all Tube Head and 4X12 Cab - Good Condition Used

$1,040.00 $1,390.00

Vox Mini5 Rhythm w/ Drum Machine- British Racing Green- USED


Vox Night Train NT50H 50 Watt Tube Head & 2x12 Cab - Good Condition Used


Vox Valvetronix VT80+ Amplifier - Used


Washburn HB-30 Semi-hollow electric - Cherry Red - Mint condition Used


Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar - Used, Fair Condition


Fender La Brea Dreadnought Acoustic With Electronics and Cut-away - Good Condition USED


Fender Squier Stratocaster Japanese made with Kahler tremolo bridge. . Good condition overall w/ various cosmetic issues. Strap and case inc.

$459.00 $500.00