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WD Parts Switchcraft Metric Les Paul Guitar 3-Way Toggle Switch

This is the exact Switchcraft® straight toggle switch with 3/16 in. threaded bushing length as used by Gibson® on the Les Paul® model guitars. Many manufacturers have adopted using this switch on similar two pickup instruments where the thread does not pass through a thicker top than the bushing length. The addition of deep toggle switch nut may be used to extend bushing length to securely fasten it to an instrument with a carved top. Switchcraft #12010X.

  • Contact Ratings: Fine silver contacts rated at 3A, 300W maximum AC non-inductive load standard.
  • Leakage Resistance: 1,000 MW or greater
  • Dielectric Strength: 250 VDC
  • Frame: Steel, plated
  • Bushing and Shaft: Copper alloy, plated
  • Springs: Copper alloy
  • Knob: Molded thermoplastic
  • Mounting Hardware: Knurled copper alloy locknut T10711, supplied
  • Insulation: Rigid plastic spacers with plastic tubing through stack. Rigid plastic and/or thermoplastic lifters. Thermoplastic cam on actuator end