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Graph Tech Guitar Ratio Tuned Machine Heads - Electric 3+3 Contemporary Button Chrome 2 Pin Item ID: PRN-2311-C0

Ratio - Tuned Machine Heads
 are the first and only machine head to incorporate the different string gauges into the tuning equation.  We balanced the individual gear ratios to each string dramatically simplified the tuning process.  No more overshooting the G string or twisting away on the high E string.  With Ratio, each half key turn equals one semitone change on all strings!  Quicker, more accurate tuning on every string.

A right handed set of Ratio Tuned Machine Heads for acoustic guitar that use three per side tuners. It has a two pin casing that can be used as is, or with our InvisoMatch mounting plates. 4 Sets of InvisoMatch mounting plates in brushed aluminum are included to make installation on most guitars fast and accurate by using your existing screw mounting holes.

Ratio - Tuned Machine Heads incorporates the different string gauges into the tuning equation. From Low E to High E 39:1, 24:1, 20:1, 14:1, 20:1, 12:1. We balanced the gear ratios to each string simplifying the tuning process. With Ratio, a half turn is a semi-tone! Every string reacts the same to any tuning adjustment. Predictable, precise tuning, on every string.

*Note the 2nd and 3rd Images are of the old version of the packaging. The new version images will be updated soon.

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