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Warwick Security Lock - German Made Strap Locks - Gold

These Warwick Security Locks are the perfect solution for anyone worried about their strap falling while they play, or who wants it to be easier to get the strap on and off the guitar.

The strap buttons are usually an easy swap from your existing strap buttons, and will work with or without the strap locks present.

The locking pieces attach to your strap easily with a regular crescent wrench or socket wrench and once in place allow for a quick pull of the release to attach or remove the strap from the buttons. Once locked into place there is almost no way for the guitar to fall from your strap so you can move around the stage with confidence!

  • Contains: 2x End Pins and 2x Top Locks (strap buttons with counterpieces)
  • Colours Available: Gold & Chrome
  • For a fixed and safe mounting of the strap.

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