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Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Humbucker Set for Neck & Bridge - Nickel

The Seth Lover Humbucker Set from Seymour Duncan features two vintage-style PAF pickups with a smooth, sweet tone calibrated for neck and bridge positions. Each pickup is built exactly the way Seth Lover intended, using the same specs. A designer of musical instrument electronics and amplifiers, Seth Lover developed the hum-cancelling pickup for electric stringed instruments while working for Gibson, and applied for the patent in 1955. His patent was granted in 1959. These "Patent Applied For" humbucking pickups were used in a wide range of the company's guitars, and are still highly coveted for their magical tone. In 1994, Seymour W. Duncan teamed up with his humbucking mentor, working together with Seth to re-create his original "Patent Applied For" design, developing the Duncan Seth Lover Models, which are calibrated for neck and bridge. The Seth Lover neck pickup provides the ideal balance of warm, full-sounding low end with nice, sweet treble. The 2.5" alnico 2 bar magnet smoothes the high-end response, while the vintage output coils provide rich, harmonic content. Single notes have a singing quality and the un-potted nickel-silver covers give a piano-like percussive feel. The Seth Lover bridge pickup offers a warm, airy, open tone with the right balance of low-end warmth, and smooth, but articulate, top end. Chords have a full, open sound, and single notes have a soft yet articulate feel. Both pickups are hand-wound on Seymour's old Leesona winding machine from the early Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, MI, and feature 42 AWG plain enamel mag wire, a single-conductor braided push-back lead wire, custom-machined metal and maple spacers, and a nickel-silver bottom plate. The Seth Lover Set is carefully hand-built in Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Vintage-Style PAF Pickups
  • Smooth and Articulate Tone
  • Warm and Full Low End
  • Sweet Treble
  • Rich Harmonic Content
  • Alnico 2 Bar Magnet with Wax Potting
  • Single-Conductor Lead Wire
  • Wound on Original Leesona Machine
  • Hand-Built in the USA