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Seymour Duncan Hot Rails High-output Single-coil Sized Neck Humbucker for Telecaster - Black

Designed to boost the output of your Tele, the STHR-1 Hot Rails pickup is a high-output, single-coil-sized humbucker. This rails-style pickup is a direct replacement for an existing Tele neck pickup and uses a ceramic magnet and over-wound coils to provide a heavy distorted sound with excellent sustain. The STHR-1 boasts a chunky midrange, letting your Tele really cut through the mix. If you're looking to augment your Tele tone with something a bit more on the rude side, drop in a STHR-1 Hot Rails and start rocking! Sound The STHR-1 Hot Rails pickup is a high-output, single-coil-size rails humbucker that's great for classic rock, garage, punk, heavy rock, thrash, classic metal, and even nu-metal. You'll get a fat, full sound with huge output. The powerful ceramic magnet, two steel blades, and over-wound coils all combine to provide a raw distorted tone with massive sustain. Complete setup The STHR-1 matches up well with a Vintage Rhythm Stack for a totally quiet rig; or with a Hot Rhythm for an all-around hot axe. The STHR-1 is for all well-balanced instruments and works well with maple and rosewood fretboards. Quite simply, it boils down to tone. Seymour Duncan has spent the majority of his life refining the art of creating pickups. Seymour Duncan is dedicated to getting the best tone possible from his pickups, from modern metal monsters to faithful reproductions of gems from the '50s and '60s. We know tone is important to you which is why we choose to carry Seymour Duncan pickups. With the massive amount of pickups available from Seymour Duncan, you're certain to find the sound you've been looking for.
  • Single-coil-sized humbucker
  • Black
  • High output
  • Ceramic magnet
  • 4-conductor wiring
  • Neck position

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