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Schaefer Guitars #14 Dreadnought Custom Acoustic - Hand Crafted In Canada

This Beautiful instrument is on consignment from the maker directly.

While it is an older guitar (built in February 2017) and does have a few cosmetic marks from being played by the builder (David Schaefer) or demoed to others, it is still considered a new guitar by the builder and David would offer his same service on it as though he had custom built the guitar for you.

That being said, its only real signs of use are a few very minor scratches in the pick guard.

The pick guard can easily be replaced if these bother you, though removing the pick guard and leaving it off would likely not be a good idea as the wood beneath it will most likely be a lighter tint than the wood that has been exposed to light.

This guitar was hand crafted by David Schaefer in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and was the 14th guitar that David had completed.

It is numbered, dated, and signed inside the soundhole by David Schaefer as usual.

As a guitar that was hand crafted by a single luthier, it is clear that it was crafted with great care and attention to detail.

From the carefully selected tonewoods, to perfectly crafted neck, bridge, binding and inlays, it is a great example of a hand crafted guitar done right!

From a tone perspective the guitar has a huge voice with a powerful and rumbling low end that you can feel in your chest when playing.

Despite this the bass response never feels muddy or overwhelming and the mid-range and treble frequencies are not washed out or lost even when playing hard.

The Rosewood back and sides gives the guitar a slightly scooped mids profile that works great for strumming, flatpicking and bass heavy styles of Travis picking.

The mids are not overly pronounced, but what is there is quite warm and has a smooth character to it, while the treble frequencies are crisp and clear whether you're fingerpicking, flatpicking or strumming.

The guitar's high frequencies never sound too thin or harsh and the guitar does a great job at accentuating the interesting upper harmonics which really seem to resonate within the guitar's body for a while after being played.

This tone quality puts this guitar in the same league as any of the higher end North American builders whether you're comparing it to the big names or the other individual luthiers.

Now tone quality will only get you so far if the guitar is not easy to play, and that is also not an issue with this guitar.

With its well made neck and fingerboard, it has a very straight & level neck an has a little bit of relief on the truss rod for an extra clear sounding setup.

This could be flattened slightly for those who play with a lighter touch while the double action truss rod will make that easy to do.

The guitar is also well intonated and with the Gotoh tuners, holds its pitch very well.

The hand carved bone nut and saddle also contribute to the tone and playability of the guitar.

The guitar is made from solid AAA Sitka Spruce, Indian Rosewood, and is braced with Red Cedar back braces and Sitka spruce top braces.

The neck is Honduran Mahogany with an ebony fingerboard and headstock cap while the body is bound in a single ply of flamed maple binding.

The bridge is ebony and the bridge pins are hand carved boxwood, there is also an ebony stringer up the spine of the guitar with maple purfling and an ebony heel cap and end block inset.

While this all looks beautiful, it's simplicity adds a great deal of class and elegance to the guitar's design without being overly flashy.

The guitar includes a nice Boblen hardshell case with it as well as a spec sheet and images of the inside top and back with the braces in place prior to assembly.

We will also include a Planet Wave Humidifier to use inside the case which will help protect your instrument from the humidity fluctuations present in many of the worlds climates but especially our cold dry Alberta winters.

Note that the case does has a few cosmetic marks on it, mostly just some scuffs on the bottom side.

General Specifications:

Date of Manufacture: January 2016

Guitar Number: 14

Top Wood: AAA Sitka Spruce

Back & Sides Wood: Indian Rosewood

Top Bracing Style: Modified X Bracing

Top Bracing Material: Sitka Spruce

Back Bracing Material: Western Red Cedar

Neck: Honduran Mahogany

Fingerboard: Ebony

Headplate: Ebony

Nut: Bone

Saddle: Bone (Compensated)

Bridge: Ebony

Bridge Pins: Boxwood

Truss Rod Style: Double Action

Fretboard Radius: 16"

Number of Frets: 20

Scale Length: 25.4"

Rosette Inlay: Fine Herringbone

Binding: Flamed Maple

Tuners: Gotoh Gold Die-Cast

Pick Guard: Black Teardrop Style

Finish: Satin Tru-Oil

Strings: Elixir Phosphor Bronze 12-53 (Light)

Hardshell Case: Boblen HSJ Dreadnought Hardshell - Made in Canada

Here's our video review!

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