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Rhythm Tech True Colour 8" Tambourine w/Nickel Jingles - Red

True Color Tambourine w/Nickel Jingles

High quality, round tambourines that feature a molded handle that makes playing easier. Available in two models, a 10" double row (sixteen pairs of Nickel Jingles) and an 8" single row

Early History

The Tambourine (timbrel, tambour de Basqui, Panderete) is believed to be Near Eastern origin.

It has been found in various forms in Assyria, Egypt, China, India, Peru, Greenland, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The instrument became an accepted mainstay of the classical orchestra during the nineteenth century, featured in Igor Stravinsky’s ballet ‘Petrushka’, as well as in works by Berlioz and other composers.