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Rhythm Tech Standard Tambourine w/Nickel Jingles - Blue

Standard Tambourine w/Nickel Jingles

The legendary shape of the Rhythm Tech Tambourine, with its cushioned grip, has made it the most popular instrument of its kind in the world.

Nothing else feels or sounds like a Rhythm Tech!

Early History

The Tambourine (timbrel, tambour de Basqui, Panderete) is believed to be Near Eastern origin.

It has been found in various forms in Assyria, Egypt, China, India, Peru, Greenland, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The instrument became an accepted mainstay of the classical orchestra during the nineteenth century, featured in Igor Stravinsky’s ballet ‘Petrushka’, as well as in works by Berlioz and other composers.

The Rhythm Tech Revolution

The unique shape of the Rhythm Tech Tambourine dramatically changed the feel of the instrument by balancing it in the players hand.

This remarkable Innovation brought a new level of comfort and control especially suited for modern music.

Since its introduction, artists of ever musical genre around the world have made the Rhythm Tech Tambourine the most popular percussion instrument of its kind, as well as the singular standard of the instrument.

The Difference Between Nickel & Brass Jingles?

Nickel Jingles are actually Nickel plated bell steel. They have a higher pitched shimmery Sound

Brass Jingles produce a darker, heavier sound with a lower pitch, and are lacquer coated.