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Jacobus Hornsteiner 1929 violin - Fair condition

This handmade violin from Germany, labelled 1929, is a Stradivarius copy and is in good condition. 

The violin has had some previous repairs done to a top crack that although they look unsightly, the crack has been glued throughout and is stable and will not propagate further.   The varnish has been cracked and worn in several places and possibly restored.  It adds a level of charm to the instrument but does not affect the sound quality.  We have re-glued some open seams and cut a new bridge, it has been professionally set up and is ready for a new home.  This instrument would be perfect for a student looking for a good instrument at a reasonable price.  

The outfit includes a case and bow.  The case is a tough hardshell that will last and is in very good shape.  The bow is clean and functional with a round stick.  The wire lapping is intact and is held in place with the leather grip.  

All images are of the violin, if you require other images or a sound file email us at