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Hohner "Melody" Blockflöte Baroque Soprano Studio Recorder - Made in Germany

"Melody" Blockflöte Baroque Soprano Studio Recorder

With decades of experience and skilled craftsmanship, Hohner's designing engineers and product managers continually strive for improvements in sound and playability.

Two-piece pearwood Studio-Soprano Recorder for Baroque (English) fingering.

Includes plastic mouthpiece and durable vinyl pouch.


German or Baroque (English) fingering – what is the difference?

You can identify fingering based on the size of the fourth and fifth holes.

With German fingering, the fourth hole is bigger than the fifth.

With Baroque or English fingering, the fourth hole is smaller than the fifth.

Fingering is not determined by the double holes at the bottom of the recorder.

One advantage of German fingering is that the C major diatonic scale is easy to play.

Starting at the bottom with all the holes blocked, the holes are uncovered one at time.

Simple songs can be learned very quickly using this fingering approach.

Baroque fingering is a little more difficult than German fingering, though one advantage is that half tones can be played more precisely with Baroque fingering.