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Hohner Hohnica Series - Educator 10 Chromatic Harmonica (Plays in All Keys)

No. 1040 Educator 10

Hohner's Hohnica Series Educator 10 chromatic harmonica sports a comb design that provides a clear and powerful sound without the need for valves.

Good news for players who struggle with sticking or noisy windsavers!

Chromatic harmonicas are designed to play every note with the use of the slide.

Whether you are playing melody lines in Jazz, Blues or Classical, the Chromatic harmonica has you covered.


  • Great Starter Chromatic
  • Tuned to C, But Can Play in Any Key
  • Unique Body Design for Volume, Power and Highly Resistant to Air Leakage Without Using Wind Savers
  • Each Reed Has It's own Wind Tunnel so Wind Savers Are Not Needed