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On-Stage Pedalboard Power Bank - 9 outputs


Power an entire pedalboard from a single source with our PS901 Pedalboard Power Bank. Featuring a variety of power output voltages, this unit powers nine effect pedals simultaneously. Or, when using the included daisy chain, it powers 13 pedals at once—no need for individual adapters.

Connector cables and converter plugs are included for compatibility with a wide range of effect pedals.

For peace of mind, built-in surge protection defends pedals against power-spike damage.

The heavy-duty metal enclosure safeguards the internal components to ensure reliable operation.

  • Outputs: 18V (1), 12V 1A (2), 9V 1A (1), 9V 100mA (5)
  • Output Polarity: Center negative
  • Power: 18V AC-DC adapter (included)
  • Includes: 8 power cables, 1 5-plug daisy chain, 1 reverse polarity plug, 1 power adapter (US) w/ 3 Euro plug attachments.
  • Color: Black

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