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Joyo Ironman Series - Moonbase Bass Overdrive

JOYO JF-332 Moonbase Bass Guitar Effect Pedal Overdrive Jazz Blues

The new JOYO JF-331 Moonbase Bass Guitar Effect Pedal gives a low frequency overdrive suitable for Jazz & Blues and many more genres requiring a smooth subtle overdrive to Fuzz at their fingers!

With its thick and rich tones, the bass pedal hits the low frequencies where other pedals fail, the Moonbase is designed for bass guitar players, a little drive and a tiny bit of fuzz will warm your sound.

Like walking on the moon, slow and ethereal.



  • Colour
  • Drive
  • Volume


Input Impedance:1M
Output Impedance:10K
Running Current 30mA
Power:DC 9V adapter (negative polarity not included)
Dimensions 73(L) * 43(W)* 50(H)mm

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