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GHS Fast-Fret String Cleaner & Lubricant


Fast-Fret from GHS is a string cleaner and lubricant designed to safely remove dirt and restore your tone.

It contains no silicone.

Simply use the liquid applicator to apply Fast-Fret on the strings, up and down the length of the fretboard.

With the supplied cloth, quickly wipe the strings and fretboard to remove built-up dirt and oils.

You can also treat the back of the neck for a friction-free feel, and use it to condition the wood on unlacquered fretboards.

The lubricating effect of Fast-Fret lets your fingers slide freely on the strings and neck, helping you play smoother and faster.


  • For all stringed instruments
  • Liquid applicator – contains no silicone
  • Removes built-up dirt and oil
  • Keeps strings sounding bright and new, and conditions fretboard
  • Lets fingers slide freely
  • Includes applicator and cleaning cloth