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D'Addario XL Chromes - Flat Wound Electric Bass Strings - Regular Light (45-100) - Long Scale (34")

XL Chromes Regular Light/Long Scale - 45-100

ECB81S is a light gauge flat wound string set for long scale electric bass.

XL Chromes are noted for their smooth feel and warm, mellow tone, essential to the sound and style of many jazz, blues, and rock players.

Wound for Warmth

D'Addario XL Chromes are the industry standard in flatwound guitar strings.

They deliver a round, full low end without losing punch, making them ideal for jazz players of all types.

Wound with flattened stainless steel ribbon wire, XL Chromes are then polished to unparalleled smoothness.

Flatwound Construction

Flat wound strings feature precisely stainless wrap wire that is wound and polished to provide an ultra smooth feel and a full, mellow tone.

Hex Core Construction

Precision drawn hexagonal core was pioneered by D'Addario.

This innovation allows the wrap wire to grip the core for superior dimensional stability, enhanced durability, and precise tuning stability

String Winding Technology

String winding equipment is designed and built by D'Addario's engineering team, guaranteeing a production range of 500,000 to 700,000 string per day.

Product Features:

  • Coating: Uncoated
  • Number Of Strings: 4
  • Scale Length: Long
  • Set Type: Sets
  • Wrap Material: Stainless Steel
  • Long scale version D'Addario's best-selling flat wound bass guitar set
  • Ribbon wound and polished for ultra-smooth feel and warm, mellow tone
  • These strings are designed for long scale basses (34"+) and have a taper at 36-7/8"
  • All D'Addario strings are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA
  • String Gauges: Wound .045, .065, .080, .100

If you are unsure of which string gauge will fit your particular instrument, call 780-986-2251 or message us and we can check specs to ensure a proper fit before purchasing.