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Profile Mini Clip Tuner With Color LCD Screen

Mini Clip Tuner - This clip-on tuner works great on a huge range of instruments and can do any alternate tuning you might want when in Chromatic mode. However it also has handy, Guitar, Bass, Violin & Ukulele modes that focus in on the specific notes for the standard tuning of each instrument which helps avoid the tuner jumping around, and and increase the speed and accuracy when tuning one of these instruments.
The back-lit LCD display is easy to see and give you a quick reference when dialing in your notes. While it does not offer the best battery life on the market, it's smaller display and auto-off (after 3 minutes) feature helps ensure that your battery is not wasted. 

The tuner offers great value for the money in a convenient and compact package.

Features include:
  • Colour LCD Screen: Displays operations
  • Turns off automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity
  • Battery included (CR2032)
  • A4 Frequency: 440Hz
  • Tuning range B0-B7
  • Precision ± 1 cent