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Richard Van Oosterom

Richard has spent his life in music, writing and performing. He has been teaching piano in Edmonton for the past 8 years. A Dad, with two children aged 13 and 18, he spent 5 years home-schooling his son and one year home-schooling his daughter part time.

Richard graduated B. Mus. in harmony and composition from Auckland University (NZ) during which time he wrote a considerable amount of music for theatre. He studied composition again at Master’s level at Calgary University in the mid-1990s. Before he came to Canada he worked for Zomba Music in London doing lead sheets for artists such as Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Billy Ocean and Thomas Dolby as well as “singing for his supper” as a gigging musician. After moving to Canada (Peterborough, Ontario), he was, amongst other things, one of the founding members of the Peterborough Folk Festival.

More recently he has taught music at the Garneau Early Learning Centre (a move inspired by being a Dad) and now teaches piano for a living (a move inspired by being around his young an not-so-young children). Teaching beginner piano and returning players is a specialty.

Instruments he teaches - Click on images for more information: