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 Private Lesson Registration Form (General Students)

Complete the form below to register for regular weekly lessons .

Registration Form

General Payment and Cancellation Policy:

Register with instructor of choice for weekly lessons for the duration of our semester; Sept  – Jan 31st and Feb 1st – Jun 27th (Excluding stat holidays & school breaks).

Holidays: All Stat holidays and school breaks are optional for instructors. If your instructor chooses to teach one of these days, you must let them know whether or not you want to attend at least 2 weeks prior to the date. You will only be billed for holidays that you have indicated you will attend.

Scheduled Absences: All students have the option to schedule up to 2 lessons off per school year for holidays with no payment required. These must be booked off at the time of registration or at least 30 days prior to the absence.

Make up Lessons: If you miss a pre-paid lesson while giving advanced notice to the instructor, you may rebook that lesson to another day within that semester if a make-up lesson time can be arranged between you and the instructor. If advanced notice is not given, that lesson payment will be forfeit as a no-show charge. The school reserves the right to provide a substitute instructor if the regularly scheduled instructor is ill or otherwise unable to teach lessons. If the instructor must cancel lessons due to events beyond our control and no substitute is available, the missed lesson payments will be added on to the beginning of the next payment period.

Payment Options: (online store or etransfer to )

Deposit: A deposit or payment must be made to reserve any time slot not already paid as a full semester.

Semester Pre-pay: Save 5% off full payment when paying for minimum 16 lessons scheduled between Sept  – Jan 31st or Feb 1st – Jun 27th.

Monthly Payments: In order to pay monthly, a non-refundable deposit $100.00 is required at the beginning of the semester, or when registering for lessons. Lesson payments will be required at the beginning of the month for that entire month. Deposits may be applied to the last month of that semester or carried over to the following semester. Late Fees: If payment is not received by the 5th of each month, a $5.00/week late fee will be applied at the time of your next payment. If a payment is not made by the 15th of the month your lessons will be suspended, and your time slot will be made available for other students until full payment has been made.

Trial Lessons: All NEW students are welcome to register for a single month trial lesson with 4 weeks paid in advance. No deposit will be required, but no ongoing time slot will be held until a deposit or a semester payment is made. The trial lessons may be transferred to other instructors to try other disciplines but are non-refundable. Withdrawal from lessons: If you decide to discontinue your lessons for any reason you must provide the school with as least 30 days notice of your termination date.

Semester Students: Pre-paid students, all lessons following that termination date will be refunded back via the original payment method used.

Monthly students: Your deposit can be used toward that last month of lessons. If your monthly rate exceeds $100.00 you must pay the difference. If you monthly rate is less than $100.00 you will be refunded the difference.

Policy and Procedure Changes: These Policies and Procedures are subject to change at the beginning of each semester. The most recent version of them will be posted to our website. All registered parties agree to the terms herein, as well as changes to these policies when posted to the website by signing and/or registering and re-registering by phone.