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January 2021 Student Recital

With our first semester coming to an end at the end of January, we want to give students the opportunity to perform a song that they have learned during this semester. Due to COVID-19, in-person events are not feasible, so we will be hosting this event virtually through Zoom. 

January 24th 2021, from 2-5pm MST

Virtually using Zoom. Anyone with a device with a webcam and a good internet connection should be able to participate or view the event. A link will be sent out via e-mail closer to the event. 

Who can attend:
Anyone currently taking music lessons from one of our instructors is welcome to perform a song or two (no more than 3 minutes total performance time) that they have been working on with their instructor. Anyone else they would like to attend to watch them play is also welcome (Family or friends of performers). Please do not share the link publicly, only with those you specifically want to join. 

Registration Deadline:
This registration form is due back by Jan 10th 2021. If changes to your selection are required after it has been submitted, send an email with  and CC'd to ensure that we can make those changes to the program. Submissions after that date will be accepted only as time allows.

Please also note the following:

- We ask that everyone stay for as much of the event as possible. There will be prizes throughout the event for those who participate in our music quizzes.
- Those who are not performing should keep their cameras off and mics muted throughout the event.
- Performers who would like accompaniment by their instructor may need to have a backing track recorded ahead of time, and should practice sharing their audio through Zoom and have audio levels checked before the event. 
- Parents, siblings, friends etc, are welcome to accompany the students live as well. Speak with your instructor if you are interested in these options or would like to explore other options. 
- The event is free to attend or participate in! We just want to give everyone the opportunity to show what they've learned and build confidence with live performance in all of it's different forms.

January 2021 Student Recital Registration Form

This registration form is for students who would like to participate by performing a song in our virtual student recital on Jan 24, 2021. It must be completed and submitted by Jan 10, 2021.