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At The Turner Guitar Studio we offer 3 rental programs to suit different scenarios. These are our "Short Term Rental", "Monthly Rental", and "Rent To Own" programs.

Below we will lay out the basic function of each program, as well as some of the pros/cons of each. But if you would like a recommendation regarding which program will suit your situation, specific pricing, product availability, etc. please call us at 780-986-2251 or e-mail with your request.

Short Term Rentals

Short term rentals are designed for situations where you require instruments, electronics, or certain types of accessories for a day, a weekend, or maybe just a couple of weeks.
PA systems or backline for a performance, a wedding, or another similar event would be the sorts of things we use this program for all the time. However, if you need a particular instrument for a recording session, broke/lost/forgot an important component of your rig right before a gig and need something to tide you over, or have another similar situation, this program may be perfect.

Short Term Rental Quote Request

Complete the following form to the best of your abilities with any information that applies to your situation. Once we receive it, we will create a custom quote based on your needs and will contact you if we require any additional information to complete the quote. No commitment to proceed with a rental is required for us to give this quote. To lock in pricing, dates, and inventory a deposit must be paid in the value listed on the quote. Until that deposit is paid, pricing, item availability and scheduling may be subject to change.
Monthly Rentals

Our monthly rentals (aka "Rent-To-Rent" or "Rent-Only") program is certainly our most commonly used rental program since it's perfect for situations where you want to try out an instrument before committing to a purchase. Here are some examples of situations where this program is perfect:

  • You're a beginner who doesn't know if you will enjoy playing at all, so you want to rent for a month or two while you start lessons.
  • You're a student who needs an instrument for a class at school but aren't sure you will need one once the class is completed.
  • You're an intermediate player who wants to try out a different instrument style to see if the sound, feel, features, or quality of the new one is worth the investment for you.
  • You're a pro who needs a particular instrument for a specific purpose for more than a few weeks, but doesn't need to purchase one outright since it wont be required a few months down the road.
  • You're current instrument requires a repair that will take months waiting for parts before it can be completed so you need something to use while you wait.

If you're in any of these situations or a wide range of others, then this may be the rental program for you.

How It Works
You can choose from a wide range of new and used products throughout the store, or one of our dedicated rental instruments. Once the paperwork and initial payment is completed you can take your rental home, paying your monthly rental fee through our site, by e-transfer, or in-store by the same date each month until you decide to return it or purchase it outright.

Pricing varies from product to product with monthly rates starting as low as $15.00 per month. We may be assembling a definitive price list for our most common rentals in the near future, but until then, or for uncommon rental pricing, contact us at

If you decide to purchase the item outright at any time while your rental is active, we will apply 60% of the cumulative total of all your previous rental payments (before tax) as a credit toward the purchase price of your rental item. This makes it ideal as a way to try out an instrument before deciding to purchase!
While the 60% credit is technically intended to be applied towards the exact item you had been renting, in situations where you want to switch from a previously rented unit to a brand new unit, where you require a different size of the same item, or where you are looking to upgrade in quality and price from the rented item, we will apply those credits to that new item. 

All rentals will require a damage deposit of at least 15% of the items retail value which will be refunded upon the safe return of the item, or applied towards the purchase if you decide to buy that item at a later time. Items returned with damage may only get a partial damage deposit refund, or in extreme cases of major damage, item loss or irreparable damage will be charged additional costs up to the full retail value of the item. 

*When choosing an item to rent, not all items will be available without additional restrictions (a minimum number of months, higher damage deposit, etc) This will all be discussed prior to choosing a rental. 

Rent-To-Own (Financing)

Our rent-to-own program is really just our in-house financing program. So if you want to take your new instrument, amp, pedal etc. home to use while paying it off in weekly, monthly or quarterly installments, then this is ideal for you. This is intended for those who know what they want to purchase but simply don't have the funds available for an outright purchase. 

Our rent to owns offer a competitive interest rate of 20% annually compounded monthly. A down payment of 25% of the purchase price is generally required though this may vary in certain circumstances. Our payment terms can be quite flexible with 3, 6, and 12 months being the most common, but anything between there or even long can be arranged as well. This way you can get your monthly payments into the perfect range for your budget. 

If you don't need to use the item immediately and can wait until it's fully paid off, then our low/no-cost lay-away program may be better for you.

*Note that items that we have in on consignment may not be eligible for a rent-to-own, pending acceptance of the terms by the consignor. Other exclusions may apply.