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The Turner Guitar Studio in Leduc now offers instrument and electronics rentals. The pricing will vary item to item, so be sure to ask us for a quote, and we can discuss your specific needs, and find something to suit your situation and budget.

Here is a short list of the different categories of items we have available for rentals. But this list is always growing, so be sure to call and ask if you are looking to rent something but do not see it listed here.

PA systems

Whether this is for a small or large indoor or outdoor performance, a wedding ceremony, a church, or you just need to try out a piece of gear before deciding to buy. We have 5 portable systems, and a number of larger systems available for rental. from single input active speakers, to 20 channel boards and 1000's of watts of power, we have you covered.


From student model guitars and ukuleles, to professional instruments, we have a number of rental options available to suit any style and budget.

If you or your child is looking to start playing, but would like to rent for a few months to be sure you will continue, we have rental options as low as $10.00/month for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, as well as Ukuleles violins, keyboards, banjos, and more.

If you need a guitar over a weekend for a show while yours gets repaired, or just want to try something out to be sure you like it, we have options for as low as $3.00 per day.


If you need a wireless system, a mic, an effects pedal, a bluetooth speaker, and an electric guitar amp for a few days or a few months we have you covered. From your camping trip where you want sometime to play some music, to your presentation where you want a headset wireless mic, we have options for as low as $15.00 per month, or as low as $5.00 per day.

Stands and hardware

We usually will include any necessary hardware with other rentals that require them, but if you need a mic stand, music stand, iPad holder, musicians chair, keyboard stand, or anything else for a short amount of time, let us know and we will likely have something to suit your needs.