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Piano Lessons

Piano is a great instrument for many reasons:
-The simple layout makes it incredibly useful as a tool for learning to read music and understand theory.
-The fact that a single motion with one finger can produce a note means that you can play melodic lines and harmonic progressions at the same time, just with your two hands.
-The range of notes that your can reach far exceeds that of almost any other instrument. 
-The simplicity of producing a note makes it easy to start on for students of any age.
-The versatility of uses crosses through almost all genres of music.
-The crossover from traditional piano into many modern keyboard styles is very straight forward, so the skills you learn on either instrument can take you into so many different places.

Please call or stop by the store to chat with us about what your goals, interests, and experience are, and we will pair you with an instructor that will work best for you.

Piano Instructors

Diana Turner

Lori Young

Arlyn Manzo

Nick Lai

Jennifer Youssef

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