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Neal Smedegaard

Neal has been playing guitar and bass since he was ten and is currently completing his Bachelors of Music at Grant MacEwan University. In addition to guitar and bass Neal also plays piano and drums. When it comes to bass and guitar Neal has knowledge ranging from all genres and experience playing most of those genres live while hired to play in backing bands.


Neal teaches beginner to advanced bass and guitar lessons. He is very passionate about teaching the basics of how to start on the right track and set a great foundation of technical skills. With his background in Composition at Grant MacEwan he is also very eager to teach the theoretical side of music and how to find those notes you’ve always heard in your head but couldn’t find on the fretboard!


Neal also plays bass guitar for Edmonton Alternative band Darryl Saves Lives.

Neal charges $25.00 per 30 minute lesson for both Guitar and Bass. 

If you would like to purchase lessons with Neal:

Instruments he teaches - Click on image for more information:

Acoustic Guitar

Bass Guitar

Electric Guitar