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Music Theory Lessons

   Though it is possible to be an accomplished player, performer, or even a songwriter without a solid understanding of music theory, it is still much more beneficial to learn the foundations on what you are working with.
   From helping you write out your ideas for others to be able to see, to helping with transposition, chord voicing, improvisation, site reading and memorization of other pieces, multi-instrument composing, orchestration, etc. Music theory will give you the tools to advance your songwriting, your live performance skills, your practice routines, your ability to play with other musicians and so much more. 

   It may not be for everyone, as it does take time and practice to be able to fully grasp the concepts, and incorporate them into your skillset. But if you are looking to push past your current limitations as a musician, our instructors are well equipped to give you those tools and knowledge to reach the next level with your skills.

Music Theory Instructors

                 Theodore Turner

                   Cole Gereghty