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Lori Young

Lori has been teaching piano and keyboard on and off for about 40 years. She took music lessons from an early age at the Conservatory of Music in Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria. Through this program she achieved her grade 9 RCM certificate. At 16 she began playing professionally starting with the dining room of the Bluenose Restaurant. Following highschool she completed the Malaspina Jazz Program and began teaching music while working in the music industry in sales and as a performing musician.

    She has recorded a couple of piano albums and has played professionally in a wide variety of different settings, from large bands to solo performances.
    She taught the Music Street preschool music program for about 5 years at Cascade Music in Vancouver and Victoria, and in recent years has taken what she’s learned from that program and her other teaching to develop her own preschool music program that she teaches today.

    Though Lori has taught many students through the RCM program, helping them to achieve great success through their exams, her real specialty lies in her ability to work with students interested in contemporary music such as pop, rock, blues, jazz and much more. This is a range of experience that is hard to find and is a great avenue to get kids and adults alike more engaged in the music they are learning. She still incorporates all of the technical aspects as well as history, theory, ear training, etc. But with more exciting music, it’s far easier to keep motivated and excited to practice and learn.

    For Lori’s Preschool program, she incorporates a wide range of instruments. She helps kids learn their musical alphabet, develop their ear and note associations and ties in some of the physical skills that will be needed to play an instrument. The kids will do craft projects like making makeshift string instruments to really understand where sound comes from and how it works. This will all go towards helping students when they complete the program to have a broader appreciation for music, and help them get into whatever new instrument they are interested in.

    With her years of experience and training, she invites you to learn how to play Rock, Blues, Jazz or Classical piano from her. Regardless of your age, experience, or ambition, Lori will be a great help along your musical journey.

Lori charges $30.00 per half hour music class for private lessons in keyboard or piano, while flute and preschool music are only $25.00 per lesson. Preschool group classes are billed for a full term.

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