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  • on orders over $50


At The Turner Guitar Studio, we don't currently offer conventional financing options. However, if there is a product that we have for sale that you would like to purchase, but don't have the money right now, we can put it on lay-away at no extra charge. This can help you take advantage of special offers, clearance pricing, purchasing in demand used products before they disappear, or just buying the guitar with the exact look and feel you want without someone else purchasing it first.

There are no additional fees of any kind when purchasing on lay-away, and we try to be flexible with our payment plans, so just ask us for details on the particular product you are interested in, and we can work something out.
Typically we will request a deposit of 10-20% down, depending on the product. In some cases, we may also allow you to take the item home early as long as we have something of greater value that we can hold as collateral. This could be in the form of another guitar or amp that you just currently aren't using.