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  • on orders over $50

I'm sure we've all been there. You find the perfect instrument to suit your needs, but you just don't quite have the money to purchase it at the moment, so you take a few weeks to save up, but when you come back for it, it has sold!
If it was a limited edition, a discontinued model, or a second hand guitar, you may never be able to find that perfect instrument again and will have to settle for something that isn't as ideal for your style of sound, look, feel, budget, etc.

This is where our Lay-Away program comes in! Simply pay a down payment of at least 10% of the guitar's value and set up a payment schedule, then we will hold it until you are ready to pay in full and pick it up. The only additional fee may be a $5.00 service charge, but when paying at least 25% down or purchasing select items, this fee may also be waived giving you a No-Cost payment plan.

If you need to use the product before you are able to pay it off in full, our Rent-To-Own option may be the perfect solution for you! Click Here for details on our various rental options.

*Note that items on consignment will require consignor approval before a lay-away or rental program can be used for their purchase.