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  • on orders over $50


Here at Leduc's Own Music Shop we pride ourselves on having the most competitive rates in the area with some of the quickest turnaround time anywhere. Our in-house technician Neal, offers expert advice, accurate quotes and timely servicing for repairs and setups to keep your instrument playing its best. 
We work hard to ensure that we are offering the best service possible and will refer to others when issues outside of our expertise come in.

We offer the following services:

- Restringing (all instrument types)
- Guitar & bass setups (adjust action, eliminate fret buzz, correct intonation, etc)
- Machine head replacement
- Strap button install
- Fret work
- Nut & Saddle replacement & fitting
- Re-gluing of bridges, broken necks, heel joints, etc.
- Correction of bolt on neck joints
- Pickup installation or repair
HyVibe Smart Acoustic Guitar System Installation
- Wide array of electronics servicing in guitars & basses
- Tube amp biasing & speaker replacement

Here is some pricing for some commons services we provide:


  • 6 string acoustic-$15
  • 6 string electric-$15
  • Bass-$15
  • Classical guitar-$30
  • Floyd Rose-$40
  • 12 string guitar-$30
  • Violins- $20
  • Madolin-$20
  • Banjo-$15
  • Other Instruments- Price Range $15+ (call for quote)


Full setup includes neck adjustment, saddle adjustment, and intonation (pricing may decrease due to a job requiring less work).

  • Acoustic guitar-$65
  • Electric Guitar-$65
  • Tremolo electric (Non-floating tremelo ie. Strat, bigsby)-$75
  • Floating bridge tremelos (ie. Floyd Rose)- $75
  • Arch top with non-fixed bridge-$65
  • Other Instruments-price varies (call or visit for quote)


HyVibe Smart Acoustic System Installation

We are the first shop in Canada to offer the purchase & installation of the incredible HyVibe smart acoustic guitar system. With a pair of actuators below the bridge inside the body of the guitar, your guitar's top becomes a speaker that can be used for streaming Bluetooth audio, recording loops to jam with, or adding effects in real time to your acoustic guitar sound. 
Unleash the potential of your acoustic guitar and have a system installed in your acoustic guitar. 

Rates start as low as $120.00 for labour + the HyVibe system which retails for $519.00 CAD.  (Price may increase for guitars with pick-ups already installed, or for those with limited access. Not all guitars will be suitable for use with the HyVibe system, so if you are interested in getting a quote for your guitar, call us at 780-986-2251.

You can also request a quote online or register your guitar for an installation at the buttons below.

Here's a recent video of a HyVibe we installed into a Sigma 000M-15


For these services or any other services not listed, please stop by the shop with your instrument or amp for a free service quote.