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We are the first shop in Canada to offer the purchase and installation of HyVibe's incredible smart acoustic guitar system.

With a pair of actuators below the bridge inside the body of the guitar, your guitar's top becomes a speaker that can be used for streaming Bluetooth audio, recording loops to jam with, or adding effects in real time to your acoustic guitar sound. 

Unleash the potential of your acoustic guitar and have us install a HyVibe system for you!

Rates start as low as $175.00 CAD for labour. We sell the HyVibe system for only $519.00 CAD.  

To see if your guitar would be suitable for a HyVibe Installation, & to get a quote on installation costs, fill in the form below.

HyVibe Install Videos:

If you are ready to purchase a HyVibe smart acoustic guitar system for your instrument, you can register your installation by clicking this button, otherwise you can get more information with the Installation Quote form below.

HyVibe Installation Quote Form

If you are interested in getting a HyVibe system installed into your guitar, or purchasing a guitar to get a HyVibe installed into, please fill in the form below. We will reach out as soon as possible once the form is received with information about your guitar's compatibility, a quote on installation into your guitar, or other relevant info. There is absolutely no obligation to follow through with an order or installation based on filling out this form, it is just a way for us to know how we can help you get into a HyVibe equipped guitar that suits your needs, if that's what you end up deciding to do.

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