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HyVibe Installation Registration Form & Waiver

If you have made the decision to get a HyVibe smart acoustic guitar system installed into your guitar, or have a guitar that you plan to purchase from us to install one into, please fill in the form below and submit prior to leaving your instrument with us. The information requested is important for us to know in order to ensure that you are satisfied with the completed product after the installation. Please read through the liability waiver below and be sure that you understand all of the risks associated with installation as well as our respective responsibilities and liabilities should any issues arise following the installation.
Liability Waiver Information
This form must be completed in order to have The Turner Guitar Studio install a HyVibe system into your guitar. The waiver below lays out the risks associated with the installation of the system, our responsibilities regarding the care/maintenance of the instrument when in our possession, and the liabilities that we accept and decline regarding potential issues with the instrument following the completion of the modification.

"The Turner Guitar Studio" may also be referred to as "We" or "Us" throughout the agreement.
The signor of this agreement may also be referred to as "Owner", "Customer" or "You" throughout the agreement.

Installation Commitment of The Turner Guitar Studio
The Turner Guitar Studio commits to completing the installation of a HyVibe smart acoustic guitar system into the guitar listed above to the best of our abilities within a reasonable time frame. Should we be unable to source parts within the agreed upon or expected time frame, any prepayment on the HyVibe System, the labour, or other products purchased for the sole purpose of being used with the HyVibe system can be refunded in full at any time prior to the work commencing on the instrument.
The Turner Guitar Studio commits to clearly outlining the pros and cons of the system in your instrument, but will not be held liable for any incorrect information given in good faith that may impact the level of use enjoyed by the customer following installation.
While in The Turner Guitar Studio's possession, the instrument will be cared for by our staff in a thoughtful manner and treated the same as we treat our own instruments. Should we damage your guitar through mistreatment, negligence or any other reason outside of our standards of care, we will compensate the owner appropriately. Appropriate compensation includes up to but will not exceed a fair market value of the instrument and components in question at the time the instrument enters our care. The instrument and other products in our possession would fall under our business insurance in the event that any natural disaster, fire, water, theft, or other insurable incident should result in the loss or damage of the products associated with this agreement.

Commitment of the Customer
Prior to commencing work on the installation of  HyVibe system, all components, labour charges, & the instrument must be purchased, paid in full, and/or already be the property of the individual requesting the installation or under commitment to pay in full under agreed written terms outside of this contract. 
We are not able to give a refund on a HyVibe system, a guitar purchase, or any other parts or labour cost associated with the installation of the HyVibe system once work has begun on the guitar.

HyVibe Functionality
We cannot guarantee that the HyVibe system will work well with any given guitar. If after a successful installation you are unhappy with the tone of the guitar, the sound of the system, the HyVibe's interface, or any other aspect of the system beyond our control, no refund or other compensation will be given. (To date, we have not had anyone unhappy with the sound of the system or their guitar following installation, but to help ensure that you will enjoy it, please visit us for an in-person demo of the HyVibe systems and before & after comparisons to be sure it is right for you).
In the event that the HyVibe system malfunctions at any point after the installation is complete, you can bring it to us for an assessment. In the event that we are unable to perform a simple repair in store, the warranty policy offered with your HyVibe system would apply. We would assist in communicating the issues and our assessment to HyVibe, but would otherwise allow them to manage the process of handling your issues based on their policy.

Instrument Warranty
Many instrument manufacturers will have a clause in their warranty policy that will void that warranty in the event that any modifications to the instrument happen following the purchase of the instrument. 

Cosmetic Damage
While we have a lot of experience installing these and other systems into guitars and we are very cautious when modifying instruments, there is always a small chance that some minor cosmetic damage may occur. In the event that we do cause minor cosmetic damage, no refunds will be available. Minor damage includes but is not limited to: scratches, dents, chips, cracks, holes, gaps, or other marks on the instrument that do not impact the playability, tone, function or durability of the instrument. 
Likewise, any structural damage that does impact the playability, tone, or durability of the instrument, but is not caused by any negligence on our part, will not be cause for compensation or refund. However, we will do our best to repair the damage without any additional labour charges added if applicable.
If we damage your instrument's functionality in any way due to misuse of our tools, mishandling of the instrument, or any other action that was not necessary to take in order to complete the installation, we will repair the damage to the best of our abilities at our expense, or purchase the guitar from you at a fair market value based on it's pre-installation condition. 

Set-up & Strings
All guitars fitted with a HyVibe system would be fully set up to your requested specifications following the installation. The labour charges associated with the setup would be included in the HyVibe installation labour cost unless otherwise noted due to extenuating circumstances causing above average work to be done in order to achieve the desired setup. These additional charges would be quoted prior to commencing work on the instrument.
You are welcome to provide your own strings for installation or purchase a new set of strings from us and they will be installed following the completion of the HyVibe installation at no additional cost. You can also choose to have us re-use the strings already on the guitar, however, due to the likelihood of string breakage when they are being re-used, if we do break one during the restring process, you will be responsible for covering the cost of a single string as a replacement or purchasing a full set as a replacement as you see fit.

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