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The Turner Guitar Studio stands out from other instrument retailers as we carry the largest selection of acoustic and classical guitars in the Edmonton area. Our emphasis on these styles does not however take away from our impressive range of electric and bass guitars. Our selection covers price ranges for any budget with a selection of styles, features, and designs, so you will be sure to find the instrument that suits your skill level, circumstances, and budget. If you are just getting into guitar and are looking at entry-level options, you may wish to consider brands like Beaver Creek, Jay Turser, or Framus. For some excellent mid-range lineups, Sigma Guitars, Hagstrom, or Washbrun would be a good place to start. For high-end or performance level instruments, Breedlove, Gibson, and Warwick offer a selection of in-stock or custom made models. We also carry a selection of children’s guitars or adult travel guitars in smaller body and neck sizes. Navigating our selection can be overwhelming, which is why our friendly and knowledgeable staff is there to help narrow down your options and direct you to a guitar that you will love.