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Graham Strach

   Graham Strach has been playing guitar since 2010 and teaching since 2015. He is also currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Music program at MacEwan University. Lessons with Graham are rooted in learning the basics and technique for the practical side of playing contemporary styles of music including rock and blues, though he does venture into theory with students who are interested in that.
Graham likes to encourage his students to get involved in live performances including our open mics, recitals and joining/starting bands. He has lots of experience playing in a wide range of genre’s from punk rock to folk. 

   With many thousands of hours of teaching experience to this point, he is very capable of adapting to his students various needs. Whether he’s helping a young kid learn their first notes, a teenager play their favourite riff, or an adult student expanding their knowledge on theory or technique, he always has a way of inspiring them to play and incorporate their new skills in a fun way.
   Graham draws on his vast range of live performance experience, and many years of training and teaching to make his lessons fun, engaging and educational. 

Graham charges $25.00 per 30 minute lesson for all lesson types.

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