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Graham Strach

Graham has been playing guitar since 2010. He has been performing since 2013 and been involved with many different musical projects including rock bands, acoustic duos and solo performance. He has only started teaching guitar in 2015, so he has yet to gain a lot of experience with certain types of students. This being the case, the ideal students for him are those interested in learning acoustic or electric guitar in a variety of styles, with students as young as 8 often doing very well with his instruction. Lessons with Graham are rooted in learning the basics and technique for the practical side of playing contemporary styles of music including rock and blues. After getting the student comfortable playing, he will begin to go deeper into the theory behind playing guitar and the basics of song writing and composition with those who are interested. Graham also has become very involved in the local music scene helping James Turner host open mics at Second cup, which gives his students great opportunities to get involved in live performance, and allows them to learn from grahams experiences of performing.

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